It’s grown over time

I’d be lying to say Web Design Cheat Sheet wasn’t a special application. What launched into BlackBerry World has become something of a super-app. It’s not only a free (beautifully native) app, but a powerful resource for learning to code. It lives on your mobile allowing you to have it right beside you as a reference tool when coding. And it doesn’t stop there.

Unlock Your Potential

With WDCS you are in control. The model is freemium, letting your unlock more sections deeper vaults of code examples and even a mobile editor for live preview your creations without the need of a computer. Start at HTML5 move to CSS, and soon to Javascript. With these fundamentals and a wealth of educational sources the sky is the limit.

Master HTML5

At first entry the ‘HTML5′ section of WDCS is an alphabetical catalog of HTML <tags> each is broken down, defined, and an example is given. You can purchase the resources section here and unlock the HTML5 editor and deploy code from the cheat sheet straight into the editor.

Conquer CSS3

On Sale and a bargain addition. This section unlocks a CSS cheat sheet, live generator and tons of resource links to help you trial real code right from your handset. Coupling  Chapter like overviews and hundreds of common used properties you have an all in once resource to teach you everything you’ll need.

UI Design & Outcome

Having watched this application grow over the months, I tip my hat to the continued refinements and UI changes that make the application such a pleasure to use. It’s designed to seamlessly take you through the steps needed to self-teach on a large chunk of web dev with quick links to answers right within the app.

Exponential Site Feeds

If all that isn’t enough the aggregated RSS grabs from some of the most current design websites are bundled right in, you can jump off and learn a new trick or get some inspiration and jump right back into your code as easily as you would on your desktop. It’s only a swipe or two away.

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